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 Looking for that odd obscure spare part for your Radio?

Please email me via my Repair Page , as I have a huge stock of parts/units from 1920 - 1990s.

Valves new and uses fully AVO tested ,Transistors from A to Z , 0 to 9 and ICs both Analog and logic.

Full range of most semiconductors , resistors and capacitors.

Valve function Testing is also avaliable using AVO CT160 / BK667 and others

I am available for Pre Sales testing/Quality Inspection and consultancy work spanning all areas of Consumer Electronics. 

I have had many years of experience in product testing and quality analysis.

From manufacture design and construction to its usage, I can investigate issues and provide possible reasons for failure.

Have an issue with a product ?

 Let me know and I can provide you with an unbiased analysis and failure cause to help you fight your case where disputes have arisen. 


Need that Old electronic item repaired!?

Valve or Transistor Radio/Amplifier!

Vanquished to the garage/loft that old Radio that was your Parents/Grandparents or not used for many years but would now look great in your room and a nice memory of your earlier family life.

 I have a vast experience in fault finding ,product repair and reconstruction.

 Visit the repair page and submit your details on the enquiry form for a free no obligation quote.

I can also look at adding value to your old radio.

After months of building and testing I have developed an add-on Bluetooth receiver system to the excellent Bakelite Bush DAC90A Radio and others that enables it to receive from a phone/PC or Pad Audio and this enables you to hear these recordings/radio services using the existing Valve/Speaker technology. 

Not only you Home Entertainment also Car Audio repairs 1940 to 1980s for car enthusiasts where the radio needed to be an add-on and not a factory fit.

Radio Shops 

Come and visit my Vintage Wireless Rescue Online shops.

Browse and possibly buy that piece of vintage electronic equipment to enjoy in your home or car. 

Cannot see a model or style you are looking for then let me know!

I have so many in the loft and garage that would take me years to list.

NEW !!!!!!!! for summer 2014

Look at the updated DAC90A NOW with Added Bluetooth reception!

NOW with Touch operation (2016) for the DAC90A

This addition has also been fitted now to The Bush DAC10 using one of the preset switches to activate and also to a range of the Pye/Ecko valve Radio"s.

Why spend more money on a DAB Receiver with poor speakers and sound quality?

I am now sure I may be able to add Bluetooth this to Yours.

Does your Radio have a Gram input on its rear?

Then for the cost of the Bluetooth receiver unit and an appropriate lead you too could play your phone / PC music station through your Valve radio.

Just Ask as it could give your radio a new lease of life!